More Birding Shots with the A7R4 and the FE 200-600

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Re: More Birding Shots with the A7R4 and the FE 200-600

Glenn Barber wrote:

LenRivers wrote:

Its a good lens had mine at the pre-order when it was first announced

I had almost given up on it after so much frustration with accurate focus on the A7R4 - where I never had an issue with the 100-400.

Some of the definitely improved by

a. Upping the shutter speed considerably (don't think the IS is as good on the 200-600 as on the 100-400) - I get more noise at high iso's - but using AI denoise really helps

b. Switching to small tracking spot rather than just small spot (a suggestion from Sony)

c. Updating firmware to 1.2 on the A7R4.

d. With these last two weeks I am also using a carbon fiber monopod with the Wimberley monopod head - this helped a bit with stability and allows me to lug the camera over my shoulder - although this rig sometimes slows down tracking of BIF.

Note that the Grebe shots are severe crops - especially the grebe head shot.... something only this combo could achieve.

So for now I'm forgoing the purchase of the 600 F4$

What OSS setting are you using and burst fps?

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