Still not happy with the D850 AF

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Re: Still not happy with the D850 AF

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I have been shooting with the D850 (three in total) since it release. I have a huge line up on lenses I love. Especially the 200mm 2.0, 400mm 2.8 and the incredible 105mm 1.4

I have tried so many solutions on the AF problems. Different AF Shift on different Apertures with the same lens! E.g. I adjust the backfocus on the 105mm at 1.4, but at 2.8 it needs a different back focus adjustment.

Now with Sony and Canon really being able to handle this with their newest cams ( the Canon r5 AF looks incredible) and the Z-Series of Nikon not really an upgrade it is really tough for me to wait, especially with Nikon about to go broke

What to do? I am really hoping for a Nikon Z8 or something, which is probably earliest end of 2021 (until then they will be out of business imho)

Thanks for any thoughts!

My thought is that you need a change of brand.

I am afraid so.

Go with peace and may you fins what you're looking for.

I do. And I wish OP can find a solution to solve his/her issues.

For a working Pro, I can't see anything more important than being comfortable and confident with the gears he/she is currently relying on.

I just retired my beloved D850, close to its 190K shots milestone, with more than a dozen F lenses. Lots of AF calibration was done, by me not the Nikon service center (the only Nikon body I never sent it in for lens calibration). I was obliged to sell it just before 190K shut count, as a courtesy for the next proud owner.

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