What is your adapted lens "system"

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Re: What is your adapted lens "system"

My OCD saved me from the middle stages, and my steady GAS moved me along. I don’t like mixing and matching, so one adapter and a set of common lenses keeps the bulk and price down, and is not different than mounting the body. And GAS means I have nearly every adapter lying around for Sony (and about half for Z) so when something comes along, I’m good to go.

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To answer the OP, for what it's worth, I have roughly one adapter per 'decent' lens (there are a couple at the back of the shelf that are early experimental purchases that aren't worthy). So far, they only cover M42 and Pentax K. I wouldn't steer clear of other mounts/systems, though, and I'm just in the early stages of this disorder.

I still shoot with native Fuji lenses, so it makes sense to have an adapter (and a cheapo Fuji X rear lens cap) on each lens so that there's only ever one thing to change.

That's middle stages. I started that way...

Early stages: One adapter per lens mount, you're not really sure if this thing is going to work out for you...

Middle stages: Using them enough that one adapter per lens is just more convenient.

Late stages: having so many lenses that not only is one-adapter-per-lens getting a little expensive, it's also adding serious amounts of storage space to your collection. So you drop back to using a couple of adapters per mount.

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