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teddyboy wrote:

What's the slowest ever Win 10 boot from an SSD you've ever heard of?

I am running Win 10 on a 1TB SSD (Crucial MX500) and the boot time is getting longer and longer. Normally I don't worry about it because I boot up once a day, then things are pretty much ok afterwards. When I timed the boot process its like: mobo splash screen set to about 4-5 seconds, blue Windows logo with spinning dots 145 seconds, welcome screen 2-3 seconds, then desktop.

There are 4 apps such as Zone Alarm I allowed to startup with Windows, but task manager shows 29 background processes and 82 Windows processes, plus minus a few from boot to boot. Do these numbers look normal? I do have some photo-editing apps and some utility apps installed but none are set to start up with Windows.

I tried disabling all apps from startup, disconnecting all data drives (HDD) and leaving only the boot drive (SSD, 19% used), and even tried a clean boot. Made no diffrence. Sequential read/write from CrystalDisk Mark is 555.2/497.7 so that looks fine. My other Win 10 laptop takes 3-4 seconds to go from blue Windows logo to Welcome screen, then 1-2 seconds to get to desktop, and that is with an older and slower Mushkin SSD.

What could be holding up the boot process? How do I remove unnecessary processes and/or services? I hope I don't have to wipe the drive and reinstall everything just to get rid of some unknown culprit.

My older SSD laptop takes 20 seconds to desktop, including the log-in process and initialising the scanner. A newer laptop with faster SSD interface does it all in 15 seconds.

I have disabled a few start-ups, but they weren't causing a problem.

Have you checked for malware? Use MalWareBytes (trial version).

I'd suggest re-installing Windows on a new SSD.

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