"Fuji JPEGs are great!" Are they?

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Re: "Fuji JPEGs are great!" Are they?

Dr_J wrote:

Perhaps this has been discussed here before, but I couldn't find anything useful.

A lot of people started shooting JPEGs-only after switching to Fuji, since in general, Fuji JPEGs provide very good colors and Film Simulations are really fun to use.

There are some videos and blogs on how to match JPEG's output with Fuji RAWs - generally making default RAW color as close to JPEG's. But there is another side of the story...

I always shot RAW, but after switching to Fuji I started shooting RAW+JPEG (Fine), sort of as a backup. The problem is, in my opinion Fuji JPEGs are... poor, at best.

It's not about color, but about detail. I can get significantly more details out Fuji RAW files than from JPEGs.

Take a look at the pictures below (these are 100% crops). This was shot as RAW+JPEG. JPEG settings were Provia, NR -4, sharpen +2, DR100. RAW was developed in X-Transformer using my standard settings (More Detailed, Medium Sharpening, noise reduction None), then converted to JPEG in LR without further processing.

SOOC JPEG (Provia, NR -4, sharpen +2, DR100)

RAW from DNG (X-Transformer + LR)

I have more examples that illustrate this problem. There is a difference in color (as expected) but difference in detail is quite dramatic. The explanation, I assume, could be that:

1) either I don't know how to set the camera (quite possibly) to get more details out of JPEGs, or

2) this is what Fuji JPEGs provide and it won't be any better, no matter what settings I use.

My question is - is there a way to change in-camera settings to get more detail out of JPEGs? I don't really use them (I always develop RAWs), but it would be good to have a high-quality SOOC backup.

Just curious,what camara are you using?I find it the other way arround on the V...

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