Still not happy with the D850 AF

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Re: Still not happy with the D850 AF

JohnnyLuddite wrote:

Robert 23 wrote:

Wise words. Sometimes things like that happen. You can try 6 or 7 x D850 and only one of them a good copy.


Evidence? Nothing, just a pinch of common sense. A hard to believe situation. There is a professional who picks out three cameras from a batch of five. So he must have done some reasonably thorough testing. Then he ends up with three lemons with which he has a hard time to deliver good work. ???????

There are complaints about D850 cameras, mostly coming from the non professional segment of photographers. Complaints about not getting the "awesome quality of images" that they would expect from a high end Nikon camera.

Yes, there is always a lemon here and there. But talk about bad luck that this professional has, three bad copies that he picked out after testing five cameras. Ladies and gentlemen, that is either the pinnacle of bad luck or something else that one can only guess about......

Anyway I see that Reilly Diefenbach and Lokatz have their second thoughts about the OP's post.  I believe that my suggestion to the OP, to sell his Nikon gear and buy into the new Canon R5, is very reasonable. He cannot get the quality and consistency out of his three personally selected D850 cameras. He cannot perform his business like that, therefore, it would be wise to change over to a different brand that might live up to his standards.

Just talking about how bad these Nikons are will not help his business at all. Action needed. If I would be let down by Nikon to such extent then I definitely would abandon the brand since three bad copies would indicate that Nikon cannot be trusted for professional use any more.

Anyway, I do not believe that we need any "proof" for anything here. I just look at it as another "great posting and following upsurge of opinions" on this forum.

All the best, AIK

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