Thinking of switching from EM5 Mark III to EM1 Mark II

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Re: Thinking of switching from EM5 Mark III to EM1 Mark II

LevAizik wrote:

Coldpaw wrote:

While I don't own an E-M5.3 these issues sound rather surprising. Screws shouldn't start to rust at all, did something else damage it, did it get in contact with any damaging liquids other than water or maybe got sprayed with salt water? The camera has the same weather seal rating as the bigger E-M1 cameras, so rust shouldn't happen. As for the leather, peeling happens to almost all cameras at some point, however it shouldn't start after not even a year of use. For example my Pen-F is now over four years old and the thumb grip only recently seems to soften up a bit. Do you have sweaty hands or handling the camera directly after being in contact with oil, grease or fat? Because that could also react with the rubber material.

I was taking pictures of surfers on weekends during July and August. My hands were oily from sun-block. Still, I don't think that the sealings should come out so quickly.

I think that explains both the peeling (sunscreen) and the rust (sweat and ambient salt in the air). The beach is basically a worst-case environment for any camera, combining heat, sand and salt. You might also check the mount ring for corrosion - I've seen that.

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