R6 questions about Printing resolution and Adapter

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Tony Defriez Regular Member • Posts: 192
Re: R6 questions about Printing resolution and Adapter

Can't comment on these for R6 but generally;

  • No issues with print size if you know what you are doing in processing (how to resize in any of the good SW out there, On1/Nik/TopazLabs, that are designed for this)
    • I have printed 6' x 4' prints from my old 10D (10M pixels) with great success (did a couple for commissions so clients happiness was my test). Remember such prints are not really designed to be seen from the same distance as a 6" x 4" print
  • Not seen a corner issue with Canon R and EF-RF control ring adapter I have, with the EF lenses I had, can't comment on 3rd party adapters or So+6320ny ones
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