Six hard body shots to Fuji Camera's- Reviewer on Youtube

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Re: Fuji Ain't No Dummy....

If you dislike the files but really like Fuji X, that probably says a lot for Fuji glass and ergo. You must really like Fuji glass and ergo if you don't like the Fuji sensor and thus the files.

Andrew (the You-tuber in question - who is actually a working photographer) does like Fuji glass and ergo - he talks about that in the video that's Part 1 of this two-part series, wherein he discusses why he switched to Fuji and why he continues to use and enjoy the system.  That first video is linked in the second (apparently controversial) vid.  Taken together they make up what I think is a useful pro/con discussion - not particularly relevant to me or most of the people in this thread, since we've already put our cash down, but certainly useful for someone shopping for a new camera system.  No camera system is perfect, and someone looking for advice before making a financially significant decision deserves honest feedback rather than just cheerleading (there are plenty of other sites for that).

I think that the title of this thread may mistakenly overstate how hard of a case the Youtuber was trying to make.  In general his videos (including this one, in my opinion) are pretty low key and often helpful - they certainly helped steer me into this system.  In an age where the local camera store no longer exists in much of the world (the closest thing in my metropolitan area is a Best Buy with a ten-square-foot camera display), Youtube and the like provides the only way to "see" the product in action before clicking "buy."  That's probably why the veterans on this forum get so tired of gear purchase questions - but where else do we go for that stuff anymore?

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