EOS R5 body is fragile - very prone to scratches from this article

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Re: EOS R5 body is fragile - very prone to scratches from this article

I laugh as this is the first time I've seen someone complain about something other than heating and is this really a problem? The solution to it is easy.

At the end to the day if you hang a camera around your neck, unprotected, and climb mountains then an camera will sustain scratches (even a 1DX MkIII) - why not keep it in a case? Yes the R5 finish is different to 5DIV, its several years on and things change.

The other complaint seem to be the same one most people switching from D-SLR to mirror-less make - drop in battery life. This is true for any mirror-less camera regardless of the make. Most users are report much better battery life for R5. I've hit over 600 exposures with mine with battery life left, although I have used mirror-less for approximately 3 camera generations, Sony and Canon from original M body, so know how to maximize battery life. How many mirror-less users don't keep a second battery handy compared to D-SLR users. Yes they are expensive but remember the film days?

Also I can remember the old film camera days when you assessed someones camera usage by how battered it was (have an old EOS-1 V film model which show a lot of wear but still works superbly) or how much gaffer tape covered it - keeping a camera pristine is only important for re-sale not for its use.

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