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Morning everyone,

Im after some advice, I’m look for the best lighting option for macro photography (insects, flowers etc..) for my Olympus & am trying to decide whether I’m better of getting the STF-8 Macro Twin Flash or use a single speadlight with some kind of diffusion?

many thanks,

I do like natural light but flash does have it's uses. So do LED lights. Sometimes the pre-flash spooks the bugs. has some options but I have started carrying around a really simple solution. A bit of aluminium foil folded to fit around the top of my flash and held in place by a rubber band from a broccoli bunch.

Here is the Phoil Photon Phlinger with a couple of samples using it. It does not eliminate shadows but does soften them.

I use it with High Speed Sync so I can use higher speeds for stopping motion when needed.

It is folded over several times to have some stiffness and can be curved convex or concave as needed.

The Phoil Photon Phlinger posing

Hello, thank you for this, I will give the link a read. Also really nice images too! Particularly like the middle one

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