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The I1Studio is a Spectrophotometer....

Nimbii wrote:


As you well understand. Everything within the realm of technology is a balance between cost, specification and age of technology. If you wish to view your photos on screen as they will be printed or as close as possible. It is best to have the right display unit.

I can suggest the following monitors. Both have great aRGB coverage.

Asus Designo Curve MX38VC (around 1k GBP) or BenQ SW2700PT (around 600 GBP). Look around for deals. I use ASUS monitors for Photography on a i9 9900k PC WIn10.

I would also obtain a colorimeter to calibrate your monitor, printer, camera, scanner etc

I use the X-Rite i1 Studio to enable complete calibration throughout my photo editing and mastering process. I think amazon sells for around 360 GBP.

With the outlay of around 1500 gbp you will have a setup that will allow for interchangeability between items. Upgraded printer. Recalibrate. Upgraded Camera. Recalibrate. You can get cheaper alternatives but as you will have justified in your camera purchases. Sometimes you have to spend the money to get the absolute best that you can afford.

not a Colorimeter.  You don't want to use a Colorimeter to generate printer ICC profiles.

Bob P.

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