EOS R5, some macro and reptile shots

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Re: EOS R5, some macro and reptile shots

STR54 wrote:

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STR54 wrote:

Oustanding shots! I am really curious to see how the camera plays with the MP-E 65 lens. Wonder if the IBIS is still active even with that lens?

It should be, but I don't think it will be very impressive at 5x. I do think it will improve video made with that lens since it will stabilize rotation as well as shake.

True since the MP-E is such a high magnification and low DOF specialized lens. For something actually handholdable a test of IBIS using something like an EF 180mm macro would be more meaningful. May start a thread to see if anyone has tried that lens with a R5/6 yet.


I have the MP-e65 and did try it out a bit on the R5. Hard to tell much of a difference at anything over 2-3x really. I didn't use the lens much because it has such a short working distance that it was hard to get close enough to the butterflies to make any real use of it.

The manual focus guides and peaking certainly help, but this lens is notoriously difficult to use hand-held. I would probably just end up enabled the 20fps electronic shutter and hope I get a couple shots in focus when shooting subjects like these!

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