The entire Milkyway, how do you...

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Re: The entire Milkyway, how do you...

elgol20 wrote:

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elgol20 wrote:

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ChrisBeere wrote:

PixInsights Starnet really helps you to handle any star bloat/seams post-stitch. Being able to work on the seperate layers of starfield and background nebulosity is essential.

Just to give credit where credit is due, Starnet++ was not written by the PixInsight team nor (AFAIK) is it a normal part of PI. (Saying "PixInsight's Starnet" may give readers that impression.) It was written by Nikita Misiura and made freely available as a standalone program and as a module for PI. See here.

this is documented in the PI release already

Nighthiker already provided a correction. You did read the other replies, right?

yes, after my reply. Did you think about this possibility, right?

Always better to read before replying,

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