Still not happy with the D850 AF

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Re: Still not happy with the D850 AF


Allow me to me jog your memory Leonard .......

....... about my first D500 which had focusing issues ......... you insisted it was I was not following ...... "Nikon's official target guide" ...... how could I expect to get decent results? ..... my testing procedures were flawed etc.

I very much suggest you have applied your "interesting" interpretation to what I wrote.

Nikon gives guidance (in all DSLR User's Manuals) on the type of subjects where "AF does not perform well" - page 113 of my D500 User's Manual.

If someone tests using the type of subject where Nikon caution "AF does not perform well" - it seems difficult to accept testing is as good as it could be.

........ and how sending it back to Nikon would just result in them returning it ......... "no fault found" ......... because Nikon says .... bla .... bla .... bla

I very much suggest that you have again applied your "interesting" interpretation to what I wrote.

Nikon can carry out an AF accuracy test - and adjust as necessary if adjustment is required.

If Nikon cannot confirm a fault they seem to return equipment as being within specification.

Nikon service confirmed my findings

Fair enough.

I presume Nikon did not confirm an issue using the type of subject where they advises "AF does not perform well".

Did Nikon service the camera before returning it to you?

If yes was the service satisfactory?

........ in the end I returned it to the seller for another which worked fine ........... and you were proved to be incorrect in your assumptions ..... which is all they were ....... assumptions* ........

Why "in the end".

Most experienced photographers quickly know when equipment is not working as it should.

On a purchase - new or second hand - it is wise to test within a day or so. Then if there is a problem a prompt exchange or refund if bought from a reputable source can be arranged.

My feedback is based either on supporting pictures (rarely provided these days) - or Nikon's general guidance on "Getting Good Results with Autofocus" where testing methodology is unclear.

When an image is posted where AF should have worked well and did not (I find this uncommon) I advise a repair, exchange or refund is appropriate.

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