How to get images out of Lumix G9?

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Re: How to get images out of Lumix G9?

On the G9's menu system, go to the "Wrench" icon and then select USB Mode (my camera's wrench menu shows USB Mode on page 3 of 5).  Make sure PC(Storage) is selected.  That should let your computer see your camera as a storage device when it is connected via USB and it will assign a unique drive letter to the camera.  Navigate to that drive letter on your computer and you should see folders and files that are saved to the memory card.  From there, you should be able to find the image files and copy them to wherever you want them.

alanvee wrote:

Seems pretty trivial - but so far I can find no way to get the images out of the camera and into Lightroom!

The "Tether" Utility won't connect - I tried plugging the USB-3 cable from camera to computer - nothing! I've been doing digital cams (Nikon) since 2003 and NONE have been this obscure. I'm sure there must be something easy I'm missing - even tried a card-reader and that I'm obviously new to G9 - so what is the 'trick' to get pix out of the cam?

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