M5 how to display aperture and shutter speed in P, Tv and Av modes

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Re: M5 how to display aperture and shutter speed in P, Tv and Av modes

todds wrote:

I feel silly. Yes, it shows the settings when I press and HOLD the shutter halfway. I'd like to see shutter speed and aperture while adjusting one of them.

I really wanted it to be permanent and default like it is with an Olympus OMD.

I don't know of a way of doing it exactly like that, but there are some configurations you might want to try to see if you can get to like them.

First, leaving it configured just the way it comes by default, you might get to like the '*' button as it is because it locks the exposure separate from focusing. I find this very useful at times.

You can also play around with the menu settings I mentioned in a previous post.

MENU --> C.Fn tab --> C.Fn II: Others --> Screen 2

In there, you can configure how the shutter button and the '*' button work. A couple of them allow for continuous AE, but not exactly like what you're looking for.  Might be worth playing with, though.

As an alternative, I suggest configure your display to show the histogram and put the camera in manual. That way, you can rapidly adjust the exposure using the histogram as your guide. This is actually the way I normally shoot. Digital photography (as opposed to film) is about capturing data, and the histogram helps to make sure you don't blow out highlights or lose shadows.

Anyway, just some suggestions. I know after you get used to something working one way, all the other ways can seem wrong, but I thought I'd put them out there.

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