The entire Milkyway, how do you...

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Re: The entire Milkyway, how do you...

nighthiker wrote:

Alen K wrote:

ChrisBeere wrote:

PixInsights Starnet really helps you to handle any star bloat/seams post-stitch. Being able to work on the seperate layers of starfield and background nebulosity is essential.

Just to give credit where credit is due, Starnet++ was not written by the PixInsight team nor (AFAIK) is it a normal part of PI. (Saying "PixInsight's Starnet" may give readers that impression.) It was written by Nikita Misiura and made freely available as a standalone program and as a module for PI. See here.

That is not fully correct, as "The excellent StarNet module, written by PTeam member Nikita Misiura, is now part of the official PixInsight distribution on Linux, macOS and Windows." ( So Nikita developed it, but he has obviously close links to PI and it's now part of the official PI distribution (latest release).

Thanks for the correction. I did say "AFAIK." The link you provided shows that the newest release is just a few days old. My apologies for not keeping up with the latest news about PixInsight. The rest of my post stands.

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