Dropped my 6 month old rx10 IV. 😒

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Re: Dropped my 6 month old rx10 IV. 😒

tbcass wrote:

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tbcass wrote:

I suspect the hood cushioned the shock. I believe a lens hood is better protection than a clear filter.


I keep the lens hood on all the time "and" have a UV filter on all the time. I also got the 3 year plan from BestBuy, so if I damage mine they will replace it for free.

Paying that much for a camera is worth the few hundred bucks extra for the coverage.

In 17 years of owning digital cameras I could have bought 2 RX10IVs on the money saved not buying extended warranties. Extended warranties make a lot of money because a large majority of people never use it. According to a warranty company the 3 year failure rate of quality digital cameras is around 5% which means 95% 0y the people who buy an extended warranty never use it. If on the slight chance it happened to me I would simply buy another one and not care because it would be less than what I have saved on extended warranties. If I bought the warranty and never used it it would bother me more than not buying one and having to pay for a replacement.

That may be good for your use, but I am into nature photography. I am always trampling around in the woods and trails. There is a very good chance of dropping my camera, falling with my camera, or bumping it around on branches/rocks/etc..., and it's worth a few hundred bucks to not have to worry about that.

To each his/her own...

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