Lenses that make you go WOW

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Re: Lenses that make you go WOW

I take this to mean lenses that surprised through being unexpectedly good.

Two examples from film days:

Tamron SP 80-200/2.8.  I bought the lens used and by first surprise was how big and heavy it was.  i thought there was no way I would carry it on a regular basis.  Half a day of shooting and I knew I was no longer going anywhere without it.  I imagine anyone switching today from consumer lenses to any of the 2.8 zooms would have a similar experience.

Leica-R 35/2.8.  I though Leica optics was all hype, then as film gear lost value I tried this basic lens (I was coming from Olympus Zuiko).  Wow.  Different class.  Later I converted it to F-mount and used it on a D700 but to me it did not seem to have the same magic on the digital sensor and I used a Cosina Zeiss instead.

And on digital.

Voigtlander 180/4 Apo-lanthar.  So much better than the Nikkor 200/4 Ais that it replaced, and less than half the size!

Since then I've used many good lenses, but since I expected them to be good, so there was not a 'wow' moment.

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