Looking for advice and suggestions for selling camera gear

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Re: Looking for advice and suggestions for selling camera gear

The best thing to do in selling gear is to get it listed! I prefer Craigslist over all others because the buyer inspects it with you there.  That said just get it listed even if you don't have all the info(pics, perfectly worded ad, etc..). It's not going to sell within the first week and you will be able to update your listing.  You can create an account with CL so the ads are remembered and you just republish them.  I prefer places with security cameras and never at my personal address.

I've been burned buying used gear on Ebay (in that the returning process takes time and headache). I was really burned selling gear through Amazon's used marketplace because their policy is 100% refund even many weeks after the item had been delivered.  I was out both all the shipping plus I got back a piece of equipment that had much more wear and abuse put on it.

I've heard people talk about Facebook marketplace, not a facebook person so I don't know.  I've sold a lot of gear through CL it's not fast but when you make a sale it's absolutely final.

Again you will never sell any gear until its listed of course it can be listed at multiple places.

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