D850: does Q mode dampen the shutter?

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Re: D850: does Q mode dampen the shutter?

I don't have experience with the D850, but have plenty with the D500 which is a rough equivalent in terms of camera functionality. 
My experience has been that using Qmode on just about any DSLRs can help improve image quality at marginal shutter speeds where you might see a degradation due to mirror/shutter slap.   Back when I owned a D500 and the 300mm F4 PF I would frequently use Q and Qc to mitigate the shutter/mirrorslap VR issue at middling shutter speeds between 1/80th and 1/160th.   I could be wrong but I'm also fairly certain that the D500/D850/D5 generation of cameras have the ability to use EFCS in quiet mode as well, which would minimize vibration from shutter slap as well.

Additional anecdotal experience shows that even on the D4/D4s generation cameras that I'm currently shooting, I can generally get better acuity using Qmodes at lower shutterspeeds.

Hopefully that helps a little bit.


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- Danny

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