The entire Milkyway, how do you...

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Re: The entire Milkyway, how do you...

Hi Stefan,

I recently did a 6 panel 110 degree mosaic using the Sigma Art 40mm. It is the beginning of an all plane mosaic.

Im heading to Namibia in January and August next year so that will get me most of the rest of it and then i just need to get the far northern section.

The projection distortion is challenging for sure.

I tried the following tools when stitching the mosaic (in no particular order) :

  • PixInsight (Fail)
  • Registar (Not bad but not great)
  • Astro Pixel Processor (Not bad but not great)
  • AutoPano Giga 4.4.2 (Better than APP but not as good as Photoshop)
  • Photoshop (The winner - Cylindrical was by far the best for me)

The path to success is definitely pre calibrating the panels. It took me a while but once i had got the star sizes and background levels balanced across the panels it worked out.

Pixinsights Dynamic Background Extraction is an absolute life saver.

Russell Cromans Photoshop StarShrink plugin is absolutely amazing for balancing star sizes pre-stitch to mitigate visible starfield seam distortion.

PixInsights Starnet really helps you to handle any star bloat/seams post-stitch. Being able to work on the seperate layers of starfield and background nebulosity is essential.

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