Panasonic Leica 100-400 stabilisation and sharpness

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Re: Panasonic Leica 100-400 stabilisation and sharpness

grsnovi wrote:

Certainly possible. I'll continue to experiment.

above cropped from this:

Shot from same vantage point with bird on different feeder cup.

Not excited about these - lighting wasn't great but I sort of expected more resolution of the feathers in the above shot of the back of the bird. Focus and DOF isn't terrible but certainly the bird's tail is not in focus as the yellow portion of the feeder cup.

Not surprising. You'll find you get better results as you use the lens more. (Funny how that works - the more photos you take, the more good photos you'll take).

Many people seem to be disappointed with this lens, which in normal terms is an extremely long telephoto. There is a learning curve, this is not a normal lens. Evaluating the lens from a few random shots around the house is just going to disappoint.

I would not expect good results in the light you have here, lighting is critical.

Focus is really bad, as you say, the feeder is in focus but nothing else is.

At ISO6400 you have noise and noise reduction working against you.

Working at f6.3 or f7.1 gives generally gives better results with this lens - better DOF and sharper.

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