Any hope for an extender?

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Re: Any hope for an extender?

David Franklin wrote:

sobrien wrote:

I don’t understand why they didn’t make the RF 70-200 be able to safely take the extenders when zoomed out to 200mm or thereabouts, in a similar way that the RF 100-500 can only take them when zoomed out to 300mm or more. It sure looks like there’d be enough space to do that.

Good question.

By the way, do you know how that process, by which the 100-500 only works in its longer focal length range with the extenders, actually works? What happens if you put the extender on the camera and then try to fit the lens to the extender when it's not zoomed out to the "acceptable" focal length range. Does the extender then actually collide with the glass in the 100-500, or is there some mechanism, other than human caution, to prevent this from happening? It seems highly unlikely that Canon would design something that would't avoid the users from damaging their optics if a simple and likely mistake were made by fallible people, but I can't easily imagine the mechanism for preventing it.

There’s a mechanism though I’m not sure of the precise details. Something in the lens barrel to prevent colliding glass as I understand it. Deliveries of RF 100-500s expected any day now so we should get the details soon enough.

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