sony a9 II delusion

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raythebrave wrote:

Magnar W wrote:

raythebrave wrote:

I agree with you in everything, however I notice a lot of difference with the canon r6 at ISO 12800 for example, or 100 iso +6ev vs nikon z6.

If you want cleaner resultst from pushed A9 files at higher ISO settings, be sure you start at the second dual gain level (ISO 640)! Pushing many stop from ISO 100 will not give the best results.

Isn't it a bit ridiculous to get lower results than cameras that cost half the price?

No, since the goal for the A9/A9II is speed like no others.

so should I choose alpha 9 only for af (canon does the same?) and 20 fps without blackout?

The Canon R5 and R6 have noticeable slower sensor readout when using electronic shutter (more rolling shutter defect), and we have not yet seen comparable results, neither for action nor for noise level.

I only see the speed in favor of the sony a9 compared to other mirrorless. tests on dpreview are evidents. And I want to "hope" that the canon r6 is very very slow. Otherwise, in terms of image quality, Sony is losing even against cameras from 6 years ago. therefore, if you tell me that the difference in cost of 4,000 euros between for example a d750 and the a9 is given exclusively by the speed then I'll put my mind in peace.

Don't buy an A9/II. It would clearly be a waste, considering you don't understand what they are designed for.

I will say this; the first time I used an A9, I tried to snap a photo of my son riding his bike...I didn't notice that I took a shot at all, so I quickly reviewed on the LCD only to discover that I had actually taken about 35 shots in that moment, all in perfect focus, tack sharp, without hearing a single click or seeing any blackout.

Now try that with any camera from 6 years ago, or even anything else today.

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