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Vunite wrote:

Pendraggon87 wrote:

Does anyone know of a reliable mount for a mirrorless camera for a table? Ideally, I'd love to clamp a monopod onto my desktop (or an affordable articulating arm) that has a ball head or other mechanism to tilt the camera, so I can use it as a webcam.

I have a standing desk, so I'd like to avoid having to put a tripod behind the desk.

Side note: If anyone has some good thoughts on whether I should get a light that mounts on the hot shoe, like an Aputure M9, or get some other light. My thoughts are:

  • Light on the hot shoe
  • Two lights, one on either side
  • Ring light on a stand behind the desk and behind the camera (I cannot seem to find an affordable ring light stand that can mount the DSLR and the light without it looking flimsy)
  • One light on the other side of the camera

Concern is that a light on the hot shoe will be more a hard light than soft, and hurt the eyes if I stare into the camera too long.

My overall budget is unfortunately only around $150ish at the moment.

Why not just make one? There's a ton of swivel arms of all sorts on the market (lamps, monitors etc) and all you need is the standard screw to put whatever ballhead on.

Definitely something I considered.  Wasn't sure where to go to find a swivel arm with that type of screw attachment for a ballhead, would need something removable so I can replace with the ball head.  Any ideas on what would be good?

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