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Drake Ranier wrote:

Distinctly Average wrote:

Drake Ranier wrote:

Thanks for all the input and info regarding NR. Between this thread and the research I've been doing, I have to go with Topaz. I'll probably spend some more time playing with the noise settings in LR classic before I commit. I found some tutorials that gave me a better education on LR NR...I'd like to become as proficient as possible with what's there before I move on so that I can benefit as much as possible.

I found this youtube interesting:

Topaz is free for a one month trial, so no need to commit too hard.

True. I'll give it a shot. At present, I'm trialing LR Classic, which I'm finding I'm not impressed with...performance is dismal, even on my high end machines. Once I decide, I'll try point in muddying the waters.

Strange LrC is slow for you as it flies on my machine. Sometimes the reason it is slow is due to the library. I have mine on a dedicated NVME M.2 drive. My setup is quite modest being a Ryzen 3700, X570, 32gb and RTX2060.

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