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These are both wide-angle adaptors. But what is the difference between them? Can either be used on a GR3 for example? Or the original GR? If not, why not?

Thanks in advance!

Does anyone know whether there are optical differences between the two converters?


yes there are, i covered this a little bit previously if you search for it.

Found your post, thanks. The difference on the GR3 is in the corners which are soft with the GW-3.

I have the original GR which I don't use much — and DD has it at present anyway (though she has problems finding the zoom lever).

The GW adaptors can be mounted on the Leica Q2, though the results are "so-so". I always thought that 28mm (equivalent) was too wide for me, but trying some skyscapes I find it isn't wide enough. I'll get the GW-3 and see what happens.

Thanks for the help!

The position is more compicated; the GR3 has a different lens to the GR and GR2, so perhaps the GW-4 is better matched to this, and the GW-3 better matched to the GR and GR2.

Ricoh do make things very complicated at times.

Yep, gw4 is optimised for griii.

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