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Re: Bracketing shots [- 0 +] Range

On my D850, I use 3 shots, at -2, 0, and +2. With the great dynamic range of the camera, its low noise at high ISO, and the availability of very good noise reducing programs (Topaz Denoise AI for example), I can push or pull the 0 EV shot by 1.5 or 2 EV and use local adjustments as needed. So, the -2 and +2 EV shots are just for letting me reach beyond -2 and +2 to about -3.5 and +3.5 EV, if needed. In situations where the scene's dynamic range is not huge, I often end up using just the 0 EV shot. I would not bother with smaller increments for this reason. YMMV.

If the scene has small, very bright areas, I may dial a -1 EV compensation, so my brackets become -3, -1, +1. The reverse applies when I want to lean more towards brightening the shots, so a +1 EV compensation gives me a bracket of -1, +1, and +3.

The attached photo is the middle frame of a -3, -1, +1 bracket. I did not have to use the other two shots to get the highlights and shadows to look good (to my taste).

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