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Dak on cam wrote:

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Dak on cam wrote:

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rochester21 wrote:

Your colors are dull. Use vivid color mode. A special note for WB. By default, sony cameras have a bluish tint in auto WB. To balance that, i use the cloudy or shade preset when i`m outside during the day.

I will try that.

The framing on the animal pics is somewhat off, if you`re not sure use a wider frame and crop a bit later on a computer.

I was messing around with the clear image zoom and was not really concerned about framing.

It's probably worth pointing out that "clear image" zoom can be considered to be short for "loss of clear image" zoom. Like any kind of operation ending up with more pixels than available sensor information, it cannot make up for the detail that isn't there.

While on JPEG, you can instead use the so-called "smart zoom" when reducing the JPEG resolution. This will create a JPEG having lower resolution than the sensor while in the optical zoom range. Once you pass the optical zoom range, it will produce its output from successively smaller portions of the sensor, stopping when the JPEG resolution matches the actual sensor resolution.

You don't lose detail in that manner, but juggling around with resolutions is a lot more awkward in handling.

Once you save raw files (at some point of time, a worthwhile addition to your process), the camera will refuse using any digital zoom variant anyway. Including the "smart zoom" I think, which is not even a digital zoom at the end of its range but a crop.

However, since the camera switches focusing methods underhandedly when leaving the optical zoom range, leaving the final crop/reduction/magnification to the raw file processing is probably the best choice anyway.

There is "clear image zoom" and "digital zoom". The manual says that clear image zoom will not affect the image detail, but digital zoom will.

Am I confused?

Well, you could call them "fantasy zoom" and "garbage zoom", respectively. "clear image zoom" tries some edge-enhancing guesswork for improving results. If you have an oblique edge without any features or detail on it, chances are that "clear image zoom" creates less staircasing when artificially inflating the image than "digital zoom" does. Either are forms of digital zoom, just with different interpolation strategies.

Oh I see how that works now, but if I want to use smart zoom I have to set the image size to 10 megapixels or lower right?

I'll just keep it at optical zoom only and 20 megapixels.

Thanks for pointing that out as I was

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