BW Soft Proofing Not Working in Ps. Works Correctly in Lr, LrC.

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BW Soft Proofing Not Working in Ps. Works Correctly in Lr, LrC.

Hello everyone. I posted this question in the Adobe Photoshop Forum but I've gotten no replies there. I'm hoping someone here might have some idea what's wrong in my Photoshop workflow.

I'm using Ps 2020 21.2.2 (very latest update), iMac 27" 2019 running OS 10.14.6 (Mojave) and 10.15.6 (Catalina).

I've created BW ICC profiles using X-Rite i1 Studio (ICC v 2).

When using Lr 3.4 (very latest update) or LrC 9.4 (very latest update) to Soft Proof, all of these profiles (correctly) change the screen appearance of RGB images to a BW version, differing by the "Style" of each profile (Cold Tone, High Contrast, Sepia, Standard, "None").

Here's a link to an X-Rite video showing the creation of the profiles and their use in Lightroom and the resultant changes in the screen appearance of images when using them. The pertinent part starts at about 10:46. Earlier is strictly using the i1 Studio process to create the profiles. My experience exactly parallels the video.

The problem is Photoshop.

When softproofing in Photoshop, the screen image does not change to a BW appearance for any of these profiles. They affect the color RGB appearance of the images slightly in ways that are visible but irrelevent and useless. The BW "conversion" is not reflected in the Soft Proof process.

The problem exists whether I'm booted into macOS Mojave or Catalina.

How can I get BW ICC profiles to work correctly in the Ps Soft Proof process?

(BTW, my copy of Ps CS6 exhibits the same problem).


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