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Dak on cam wrote:

bcalvanese wrote:

Decided to try A mode this time, and mess around with some of the settings also. I am only a beginner so any pointers are welcome as long as they are constructive and have to do with camera settings and not PP.

While at article scale F16 makes for very homogenous sharpness across a considerable range of distances, the amount of diffraction fuzziness when looking at the pixel level is distracting. Probably works well up to postcard size but not much beyond. The image quality of the RX10M4 is impacted rather fast: people don't recommend going much beyond F5.6 for best quality. If you want to angle for that landscape-friendly large depth of field, F8 probably is sort of the limit that makes a lot of sense. I quite like the image at article scale, and at laptop screen size it's still pretty good, but the detail view is a let-down and rather washed out.

I just figured the highest f number would be best to bring everything in focus for landscapes. I'm sure there is a lot more to aperture that I need to learn

ISO200 takes its toll. At 1/500s you'd probably have had a bit of reserve for going slower.

I see that now. Could I resolve that by using S mode and setting the shutter speed lower?

This one is of the "significant depth of main subject in relation to frame height" kind. If you look at 1:1, you see that the puff ball details are significantly sharper at the front than the edges. Here stopping down to F5.6 might have helped a bit.

I will try messing around with this to get more of the subject in focus and still blurring the background.

Thanks for the tips.

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