Name brand battery or knockoff?

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Re: Name brand battery or knockoff?

Craftsman70 wrote:

Since you are using the D500, it's known to have battery consumption issues with older Nikon batteries. Nikon was replacing older batteries (ones that were purchased before the D500) for D500 owners. Were you using an older battery?

As far as I remember, none of my Nikon batteries were in the list for replacement when I checked at the time.

I have Nikon EN-EL15 7.0V 1900mAh 14 Wh Li-ion 20 20131030GF0427

as above but 20160511TA0413

and another I only use in my D7200

I'm not too surprised that some 3rd party batteries may last longer than Nikon batteries in general as Lithium-ion technology has advanced a bit over the years and Nikon, like most OEMs, are looking for consistency out of their batteries so they probably have long term contracts for X capacity batteries while 3rd party vendors are more of a spot market type of deal and buy whatever makes sense to them at the time. Unfortunately, due to the spot market aspects, those 3rd party batteries may not have the consistency of capacity that Nikons do.

And of course, the general problem with 3rd party accessories that interface electronically with the camera is the potential for firmware issues to render the accessory incompatible with the product or future generations of the product while similar OEM accessories work just fine.

Yes, I'm aware of that. I was just pointing it out for the OP.

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