Any hope for an extender?

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Re: Any hope for an extender?

David Franklin wrote:

Does anyone have a truly informed opinion as to whether Canon could and, therefore likely will, make a 1.4x, 1.7x, or 2.0x tele extender for the RF 70-200 lens, given the fact that the lens design has precluded any room at the camera mount end of the barrel for an extender to intrude inside the lens, as do other Canon extenders? Is it possible and is it likely? I really don't want to invest another $2,700.00 in the 100-500 lens right now, and because just a really good 1.4 extender would meet my needs almost completely, I would love not to have to think about it at all.

i am not sure about RF but i regularly use my 1.4 III TC on my 100400 II with very good result. in fact, my TC 1.4 is attached to my 100400 II all the time. here is a sample of EF 100400 II+TC 1.4x III:

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