KUVRD Universal Camera Strap - Failure

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Re: KUVRD Universal Camera Strap - Failure

NoTicket wrote:

theoverratedphotog wrote:

For me, it was the annoyance of having split rings on my camera. I only want a wrist strap or strap occasionally. I hate the Peak Design dangly things.

The clips aren't supposed to be fragile. If it was made correctly these would be fine.

Yes, this is the new and interesting thing. There isn’t any other camera strap on the market like it, for its easy on/off with nothing left on the camera, but I think that is probably for a reason. Maybe if the hooks were made of steel instead of aluminum, or a stronger aluminum alloy, it would be different.

Recently I saw Lucky Camera straps which has what seems to be a much safer way to do this, tho it will be less quick to put on and off.

Nothing like it? Perhaps that's because it's a bad design. To have a snap link that is thin enough to fit all sorts of camera D rings is problematic, and why camera manufacturers and others don't do it. But require you thread webbing through or use something like the PD. Or attach at the tripod screw. Or use the strap itself, like the Lucky Strap.

This looks like a rebranded luggage strap. And yeah, I have used one as a camera strap before but only after fitting a bigger D ring.

It doesn't appear they are paying attention to details, QC, testing, etc.

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