Ring light for my camera

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Re: Ring light for my camera

Pendraggon87 wrote:

Seems maybe I should return that M9 then, since it mounts to the camera and would be facing right down on me.

The M9 is fine for basic videoconference, try diffusing it through some tracing paper or bouncing the light off the wall behind your computer. You don't have to anchor it to the camera; you can take it off the camera and tape/putty/velcro it to your monitor, or wherever you like.

The decision on getting more lights depends on your end goal and budget. Yes 2 lights is better, so is 3 or 4... but for 1080p Zoom chats (which probably end up being downsampled to 360-720p anyway) just a little frontal fill is fine.

My biggest challenge is really how to get my mirrorless above my monitor

RAM mount is an option; also Manfrotto super clamp with magic arm.

Postscript: I have a dual monitor setup and I'm lazy... I open MS Word on the second monitor, and that works as the key light. 27" softbox by Dell

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