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fotopan wrote:

What would be interesting is whether Snap Focus distances - 1m, 1.5m, 2m etc. - are accurately set by GR III with GW-3 when one manages to trick GR III to know the wide angle converter is attached somehow.

On GR II it can be seen that when you use Snap Focus set to one of the closer distances and change the Conversion Lens option then the camera actually moves it's lens a bit to compensate the converter in use. If you don't set the option to Wide when using GW-3 and try to use Snap Focus set to 1m or 2m, the actual focus is much closer.

I suppose the amount of lens movement to compensate the converter in use is hardcoded into camera firmware and there is a chance that the compensation is different between GW-3 and GW-4. And if it is different (I don't know that), then the conclusion would be that GR III can be used with GW-3 albeit with image quality loss and with exception of Snap Focus.

It doesn't matter if one never uses Snap Focus with a wide angle converter. I use Snap Focus a lot (most of the time in fact) so when I finally get GR III I might be forced to get GW-4 with it despite having GW-3 already.

I suspect all the GRIII does is base all its snap and DOF calculations on 14mm instead of 18mm. It may take into account the additional length of the adaptor and lens but the difference between the GW-3 and GW-4 would be so minimal to not be important.

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