Fuji GF45mm f2.8 focus issues?

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Re: Fuji GF45mm f2.8 focus issues?

Manzur Fahim wrote:

super_claret wrote:

Manzur Fahim wrote:

super_claret wrote:

I was wondering if anyone had experienced issues with their GF45mm f2.8. I just received a used copy and more often than not I’m getting blurred images with the GFX100. It must be the lens because I’ve not had issues with any other lenses. Just tried the 50mm f3.5 and it is razor sharp on every shot I’ve taken.

On closer inspection of the files, it looks like they are double imaged, really weird. Anyway, looks like this one is going back and I’ll have to fork out for a new one.

I had the exact same issue you have when I first bought the 45mm. I've heard a lot about how good it was and it was surprising to have a copy that was hunting and was giving me blurry images, wasn't even sharp. I almost returned it, and then I remembered that it is still on firmware 1.0. I updated it to 1.10 firmware, and then all the problems went away. 1.10 enables the lens to work with phase detection AF on the GFX 100.

Please check the lens firmware, it could be the source of the issue you are having.

Brilliant, thank you Manzur, I’ll try that later today.

The strange thing was that some shots were sharp but most were unsharp!

Yes, it was the same with mine too. Some where sharp, some unsharp. Specially when I use a focus point that is not in the center.

Unfortunately, the lens had the latest firmware  so I’m returning it.

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