What's a fair price for NX lenses these days?

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Re: What's a fair price for NX lenses these days?

Wahid Khan 1961 wrote:

markyboy81 wrote:

Wahid Khan 1961 wrote:

Being in the UK as well I suspected it was them. I agree the warranty is great. Luckily I've never had to make a claim so I don't know how easy it would be.

But there returns process is easy and it's good you can pop into the shop to return online orders. This is handy as they are renowned for sending the wrong thing!

Agreed! I've given detailed examples of their haphazard descriptions of items in another thread for the benefit of those who haven't used them before. I've also mentioned that after 2 weeks they give vouchers and not a money refund, however, as a regular customer that doesn't bother me too much.

On the plus side, they tend to 'hit' more often than 'miss' and by having a local store, the few inconveniences are well worth it for me.

Does that mean after 2 weeks if the item develops a fault they just give out vouchers?

I've always returned within the 14 days so far as I've only had the wrong product or something has been dead in arrival.

Yes, I'm afraid so. I very recently bought a Pentax K3ii and my 14 days are up. I've not had a chance to test it thoroughly. Not tested the GPS at all yet. So I would have to settle for vouchers. I think you may be able to argue a case if you run over a few days and have a complex piece of kit, like most modern cameras are...but be warned.

PS - I recently returned an item using their free post system. This was within the 14 days, and via post rather than store due to Covid-19. They refunded my postage cost as well, something I wasn't expecting.

Perhaps I should add a not so good experience with CeX.

One of the issues is that things are not described particularly well so when I bought a Sony flash I was expecting it to fit my camera as the flash was simply listed as Sony fit.

when it arrived it didn't fit the camera and I since realised that Sony produces different types of hot shoe fittings.

I returned it to store today only two days after it arrived and explained the issue. I was told that I would have to accept a voucher as I changed my mind apparently! I had to plead my case to say that I had no way of knowing that it wasn't going to fit as the description was poor.

I eventually got a full refund but it was quite a lot of hassle and I think in the future I'll be more wary.

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