Ring light for my camera

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Re: Ring light for my camera

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Pendraggon87 wrote:

Was actually looking at something like this: https://lumecube.com/collections/streaming/products/video-conference-lighting-kit-for-remote-workers

The ring light was an idea just because I had a bit more familiarity with them, but trying to find a good setup seems challenging - I really would have loved to find a ring light where I can mount a camera inside it, but it seems tough to find one that's affordable.

Yes something like the Lumecube seems more versatile, although you might have more options elsewhere such as the Aputure Amaran series.

IMHO there's no aesthetic advantage to using a ringlight for the face (versus a panel) unless the ring is bigger than your head - e.g. Godox LR160.

Any good recommendations on tripods or stands? I have a nice sirui tripod but it's not really meant for a desk.

I did find https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0784SSRZS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_HNFqFbSYNE43B which is a ring light with camera mount, but seems lightweight and I'm scared for my new a7riii

Ended up buying an Aputure M9 (https://www.amazon.com/Aputure-AL-M9-Amaran-Light-Camera/dp/B01ITRLJIW).  My only concern is staring into a camera with a bright LED on top.

Looking at other people's setup photos on Reddit, I see a lot of cases where the light(s) are on either side of the person, with the camera in the center.  Is that preferred? (I mostly shoot landscapes, so super unfamiliar with lighting a person).  I am on calls a LOT and don't want to hurt my eyes, but the lighting in my apartment is poor - currently my desk faces a wall and has windows far behind me.  I can rotate 90 degrees if needed - only one large monitor on my desk.

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