**FZ2000 REVIEW: Still Top of the FZ Tree**

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Re: **FZ2000 REVIEW: Still Top of the FZ Tree**

Stevie Boy Blue wrote:

Thank you for the post and interesting feedback, Dave.

To be honest, as I own the FZ330, I’ve really come to appreciate the weather sealing aspect of that little gem of a camera. So much so that when out with the non-protected FZ2000, it truly pains me that I again have to switch it off as the first few droplets of rain hit the camera.

I’m even more irked by the fact that unlike smaller FZ’s I’ve used that were not sealed, the 2000 is too bulky to slip inside the front of my coat. So to cover showers that may appear out of the blue, I must now carry the protective bag in which I store the camera when not in use.

Come on Panasonic! You weather seal the FZ330 which has never retailed above £499 and can now be bought for around £350, but you miss out this invaluable process on a camera that you first sold for £1099 and which, four years on, currently costs anywhere from around £690 to £899. Sorry, but that’s simply unforgivable. The FZ2000 is the flagship of the current range. If ever you upgrade the model, please ensure users don’t have to cut their photography sessions prematurely short because any new camera isn’t weather sealed. I get that the sealing isn’t fool proof and is only limited to common sense usage, but it’s a valuable asset and no doubt a selling point for the FZ330.

Ultimately Dave, it appears you bought the FZ2500 when it was possibly at its most expensive, so you’ve every right to be more disappointed by the absence of weather sealing than me. As I mentioned in the review, I’d never have paid anywhere near the original RRP. I got mine for £688, brand new in a sealed box. To me, over £400 off represented an irresistible bargain even minus the weather sealing. Ultimately, I weighed up the cost against the fact that I rarely venture out to take photos with any camera when black cloud and rain are certain to ruin most of the day. I’m generally a fine weather only photographer, and I always have the FZ330 on which I can rely for the inclement stuff.

Ultimately, I wouldn’t blame anyone for not buying the FZ2000 just because Panasonic overlooked or just couldn’t be bothered to weather seal it. But one thing I do know for sure, this camera sells extremely well here in the UK; so much so that anyone wishing to obtain one currently will find it’s almost impossible to locate a FZ2000 anywhere in the country. Stocks dwindled very rapidly during the last two months, and possibly due to Covid-19 delays on production, Panasonic are now quoting mid-November before new batches of the camera arrive via shipment. Having monitored the situation closely with the intention of writing this review, I was surprised to note just how popular the FZ2000 has become four years after its release. Every retailer to whom I spoke confirmed the camera’s a huge seller and the list of names hoping to purchase new units on arrival is growing daily. Many are currently per-ordering. It really is surprising what we can learn by conducting some appropriate research. And, of course, the FZ1000 and 1000 2 are also popular cameras, as it happens, neither of which are weather sealed. Long live the FZ330!

By the way, you added some interesting stuff re the Sony RX10 4, which is the only camera I’d presently regard as a serious alternative to the FZ2000. Despite the absence of weather sealing, this particular FZ is one fantastic camera.

Thanks again for your input, much appreciated.

Good luck with whatever gear you may purchase next.

Kind regards and happy shooting to ya...

Thanks Stevie Boy Blue. Yes, I bought the FZ2500 less than a year after it was released, so I probably did pay full price, although I can't remember the exact amount. When that camera was announced I thought that there must be a mistake because it did not list weather sealing. After all, the FZ300 had weather sealing and it was introduced some time before the FZ2500, and it was a much less expensive camera. The FZ1000 did not have weather sealing, but it was introduced prior to the FZ300, so a bit more understandable (although the FZ1000 ii also is without weather sealing which is not at all understandable). If Panasonic ever introduces a sucessor to the FZ2500 and it has weather sealing I will be right there with my credit card.

Regards, Dave

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