How is Oly 12-200 Lens on a Panny Body?

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Re: How is Oly 12-200 Lens on a Panny Body?

I have a G9 and until recently also an Oly 12-200. I had no problem with stabilization. Of course you can't get dual I.S., but the G9 IBIS is excellent. However, I sold my Oly 12-200 because it had really bad IQ at higher zoom. It was very good at 12mm and continued to be fairly good until around 100mm, but it degraded badly after that. My 14-140 is good throughout its range and is vastly better than the Oly 12-200. Hence the reason that I sold it. The Oly was the most disappointing lens that I have owned in the past few years.

Regards, Dave

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