Pro-1000: calibrate my monitor or the printer, too?

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Pro-1000: calibrate my monitor or the printer, too?

I recently bought a Canon Pro-1000. I had less time than I thought I would to use it in the last couple of weeks, but I already made some really nice prints as initial tests. On the other hand, on a couple of prints I noticed some significant colour shifts compared to what I see on my monitors.

I always wanted to calibrate my monitor, I was just waiting to decide the best way forward. My key question is:

- get an i1 DisplayPro, calibrate my monitor and use canned paper profiles?

-...or get a Colormunki Photo (about the same price) and calibrate both my monitor and my printer?

As far as I can tell, Option 1 will give me a better monitor calibration tool, whereas Option 2 will give me a fully calibrated workflow at the cost of potentially an inferior monitor calibration.

Or get the i1 DisplayPro, figure it out and then see if the printer calibration is still needed?

(FYI, I researched also the Spyder monitor calibrators, and found a lot more negative comments vs xRite, although their last line of products, SpyderX, is getting much better reviews).

Gear: Macbook Pro 16, 4k monitor with Adobe RGB 99% (LG 31MU97), and of course the Pro-1000 in the title.

Use: for the time being, passionate hobbyist, no commercial work.

Any comments welcome!

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