Scanning medium and large format negatives - film holder?

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Re: Scanning medium and large format negatives - film holder?

nextSibling wrote:

Bernard Waxman wrote:

I have used a similar setup. And I have used negative carriers from old enlargers. I have seen them on ebay. Most seem overpriced since there is so little demand for enlargers. But still, most are under $50.

The link below shows the setup I have used. You could substitute a tripod or a copy stand for the enlarger column. With a tripod you will have to work at getting the camera sensor parallel to the negative or slide. The old D2x has enough resolution for 35mm but your D750 would be better for medium and large format, for those I have used my D800. By the way, not shown on the website are two 4X5 omega carriers., one with glass and one without. The one with glass holds the negatives flat and works for odd size negatives for which I do not have a carrier.

Of course! A neg carrier from an enlarger. Should of thought of that. And I like the improvisational nature of this approach, given this little project already has a bunch of that. Your setup is interesting, thanks for the link. I can see how a copy stand would definitely make the whole exercise easier. Might have to go hunting for a used one of those as well.

Exactly what I was going to suggest. Like the two here from my old Durst 601 enlarger. The 35mm one is open and the 645 one is closed.

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