Is the move from a G85 to a G9 noticeable in IQ?

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I dont. If it wasnt for the G9 EVF, I wouldnt be able to efficiently use a camera.

It's brilliant isn't it. I especially like the ability to be able to resize it.

G80 EVF is kind of too large for me, so I have resized it, too. Usually I wear glasses.

I replaced my stock G9 EVF Eyecup with the optional bigger one. I keep my specs on a string and whip them off as I jam that eyecup up to my bloodshot and squinty left eye and start firing away. One of the best VFs out there, and unlike most folks who opine about cameras they never have touched, my liesure in bad air Bangkok days consisted of going to the camera stores and playing with cameras.

All of them. Cameras. Name a model and I have played with it. Except a Blad. There are at least 15-20 camera stores within a mile or two of my condo.

Agreed. I also replaced the eyecup on my G9 with a larger one, and I also have my glasses on a cord so that in bright sun I can take them off. Works great. My difference with you is that I don't have a left eye and I have chronic glaucoma in my right eye, but taking my glasses off and using a larger eyecup works very well for me. The EVF on the G9 is the best that I have ever used.

Regards, Dave

O yeah? I'll see your lost eye and glaucoma with my glaucoma and severe astigmatism and raise ya some cateracts!

Sucks dont it?. I go through glasses like water as they are constantly being ripped off my face and eventually bending and falling apart into nothingness.

The EVF is the primary reason I moved to the G9 from my G85. Its imporved my picturating enormously, especially with peaking.

Just an old fat stoner with a Camera.

I had cataracts in my right (only) eye. I had that taken care of during one of my many glaucoma operations. By the way, how did you end up in  Cambodia with a name like Wildalaskaken?

Regards, Dave

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