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Re: New Challenge Hosts Needed

Skylane wrote:

Trevor, I suggest you PM Barb_s as she is a long time host and a good one.

100 entry challenges do not encourage the best voting practices. People rush through large challenges.

If you intend to DQ, 50 entries are half the work of a 100 entry challenge. Again if you DQ you need to check several times a day as I suspect some people ( especially those with limited English capability) use submitted entries to determine what the challenge allows. The longer a DQ entry remains visible the more people will think it is a good entry.

I've been hosting for a long time, and I started with more developed rule sets. I found that you really need to make the title have as much info as possible and be concise in the rules to limit the number of entries that may need to have communications or DQ's.

I like 50 entry challenges because I can usually find the time to run thru and look for obvious problems even in a challenge that is pretty open rule wise.

100 feels like a chore to me and as said above, voters also rush through.

I found doing something like asking for 1200x1600 pixels as a size rule make all entries look uniform, but challenges are for new and seasoned photographers, so there are plenty who just can not crop to specified values.

Even asking for landscape and saying horizontal view can get a square entry or 2.

So, I've tried to make easy rules, not just to be easy for me to review entries, but it's easier on the newer people. I try to make themes that are inclusive to pull people in too but that's not what all hosts should do.

You should join as a host mostly for yourself. If you have new ideas, or want to resurrect something that ran years ago but haven't seen the type of theme in a while; Do it.

If you do not use the date taken rule, most challenges are not time consuming to run (which was the original question).

There is also no commitment saying you have to run 52 challenges a year. Try 26 instead if that fits your schedule better.

I'd love to see more hosts join in and I would certainly answer other host questions. I'm pretty sure a post in this forum from a new host would always be answered by a host or past host.

Good luck with deciding... and that is to anyone considering hosting.

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