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fotopan wrote:

Use search and you will find examples of both GW-3 and GW-4 used with GR III. What you will find is that GW-3 can be used on GR III although image quality will not be as good as with GW-4.


What is interesting - and I don't think anybody has written anything on the subject - is if Snap Focus will function properly on GR III when used with GW-3 instead of GW-4.

The GW-3 does not activate the switch on the GA-1 and i can confirm the snap distance DOF is shown wrong on the GRIII with GW-3 (it doesnt change from having no lens adapter at all)

When you use the GW-4 on the GRIII the 49mm thread on the GW-4 is deeper so it activates the switch and tells the camera you are shooting with a wide angle GW-4. You can clearly see the DOF scale increases as you would expect and also shows you a wide symbol on the display.

On GR/GR II there is a Conversion Lens option in settings and it's value (which has to be set manually on GR/GR II) changes the Snap Focus distances of the camera so they are OK with the lens used (if the option is set to Off and GW-3 is used the Snap Focus distances are way off).

I don't know if there is any option like that on GR III and if it is set automatically (by GA-1 adapter when used with GW-4) or if it can be set manually. Even if it can be set somehow to tell the GR III that wide conversion lens is used when GW-3 is mounted to the GA-1, it remains to be seen if the Snap Focus programmed within camera to work with GW-4 will work OK with GW-3.

Theres no manual way to set wide angle on the GRIII. Although its feasible you could modify the switch in the GA-1 so it activates with the GW-3. However this would also activate with any filter attached so isnt recommended.

For info i still have the GW-3 and GW-4 (although dont use the GW-3 anymore). hope that helps.

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