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First of all, sorry for reviving this thread. You-Pic user since 2017 here, and I post this for anyone looking to open an account there. Here are my experiences so far.

To put it simply - for my needs, YP just works. That's it. I've got about 200 photos there on a free account, approaching half a million views in total. I primarily use YP to showcase my work, by sending the link to my profile to friends on social media and others.

  • The best thing about YP? It's fast. Where Flickr and certain others slow to a crawl, YP just keeps going regardless of the device I use it on. It's not light-speed fast, but still way faster than many others.
  • When I like a photo, it doesn't take an age before the click is registered. One thing some people won't like, is that you can "like" a certain photo up to (I believe) 30 times, and you can't unlike photos. An unnecessary feature if you ask me, but whatever.
  • It has a global system of 38 different categories, so I can just smash a photo to a category without spamming it with a million tags (tags and geolocation are supported, though).
  • Photos retain most of ther quality, without becoming an unrecognizable mess after the upload (note - original resolution is not kept for download, YP is NOT a photo archival website).
  • The "Inspiration" feature. Users can smash a golden star on a photo they really like, in order to "nominate" it for the Inspiration feed. Photo is then reviewed by actual people (possibly a small selected team) to determine whether it's good enough to be featured among other quality stuff. If they approve the photo, it gets featured in the feed, where it usually receives more views than it otherwise would. From my personal experience, this system is about 70% reliable, as some average stuff can slip through from time to time.
  • In their early days, YP had unlimited uploads even for free accounts. However, this was changed last year - free accounts are now limited to only 1 photo per 12 hours. This decision was made because some accounts were flooding the website with ads and other trash (see the 4th point in the list below). Free users are forced to be more selective of what they upload, potentially increasing the quality of their portfolio.

Of course, there are some drawbacks.

  • YP suffers from the same "like for like, follow for follow" dogma just like 500px, from which it draws most of its design and functionality - but hey, that's the problem with many similar platforms as well. It's up to you to decide who you want to follow.
  • Free accounts cannot create albums. This should be considered as a basic feature, just like galleries (or collections) that YP doesn't even have.
  • The follower and photo counters will sometimes go crazy (mine shows 20 people more than I have) - not a huge deal for me.
  • The "human curation" is not so precise as they imply. I've seen some awesome work for sure, but also some pretty cringe stuff. There were even some "photos" (actually ads for businesses) that I had to report. They're only encountered once in a while, and don't ruin the browsing experience in general.
  • Unlike 500px, the Premium and Pro accounts are significantly more expensive, at $120 and $360 a year respectively. If they brought their prices down to earth, I believe they would gain much more users and popularity. Your inbox will often receive "special offers" from YP team - if you don't want a paid account, just ignore them.

That being said, even with all the drawbacks, YP still remains my #1 choice. It's nowhere as popular as the "old guard", but as I said, it just works.

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