Scanning medium and large format negatives - film holder?

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Re: Scanning medium and large format negatives - film holder?

Overrank wrote:

For medium format I use a Lomography 120 Digitaliza on a V550 scanner - I expect you’d get good results with a camera scan - it successfully holds the negatives flat. I bought mine for around £15 second hand, new they’re about £40.
For large format negs I don’t know as I’ve not used anything bigger than 6 x 9

One other thing to watch for (If they’re colour negatives) is that the light source has a high CRI so you don’t get too many holes in the white light spectrum ( )

Hadn't seen the Digitaliza yet. Thanks. Looks like there might be a few of these sorts of solutions out there for DSLR 'scans'. Good to have options.

Hadn't considered CRI before. Good info, thanks. Hoping it's not an issue in my setup because I've already been using the same light source for my 35mm ES-2 scans. But I see lots of experimentation to come. Fun times.

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